Sadly, we are all too aware of the severity Covid 19 has had on the residents, their families and the staff of our care homes.

SM Fogging Services are here to help. Our fully updated equipment uses only the very best, NHS tried and tested disinfecting agents.

Unlike traditional cleaning, there is no need to wipe every surface down. Because our decontamination agent is dispersed as a fog it reaches everywhere at once. The tops, the bottom and sides of all surfaces are sterilised including furniture, carpets and curtains.

Our chemicals are also bleach and alcohol free so the process is very safe, with no risk assessment necessary.

Our fully trained technicians will need access to a normal electricity socket and you will need to temporarily disable the fire alarm whilst the fog gets to work.

A resident’s room can be treated with our fog in less than an hour and protection lasts for up to 28 days against viruses and 10 weeks for bacteria. Therefore, we highly recommend having an annual contract which enables you to schedule regular monthly treatments at a significantly reduced rate.

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