The safety of our learners and staff is paramount. It is vital to ‘keep the show on the road’ when infection strikes a learning bubble. Covid 19 has meant an upsurge in demand for our proven nano technology, fogging cleansing and decontamination treatments. We are helping to fight the battle to keep our schools and colleges open.

Recent pandemic precautions demand that our methods are sophisticated, our equipment powerful, and our decontamination technicians trained to the highest standards. Our outstanding quality and efficiency has never been so essential.

So, what is the process that Schools and Colleges go through?

* We identify and then calculate the volume of the areas that require treatment.

* The tried and tested formula is added to the fogging equipment and the space is filled and treated for 5 to 60 minutes.

* The droplets kill any viruses or bacteria that are present and chemically coat every surface including fabrics like carpets and curtains.

* Doors and windows are opened to evacuate the fog, leaving the area safe to occupy in only 5 minutes.

* You will be issued with a hygiene certificate to prove that your institution has been professionally fog treated.

Protection against bacteria lasts for up to 10 weeks, but to protect against the likes of Covid 19, and other viruses, the special formula is guaranteed effective up to 28 days. Therefore, we highly recommend having an annual contract which enables you to schedule regular monthly treatments at a significantly reduced rate.

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