Public Transport


The decontamination fogging treatments that we use were first designed specifically for vehicles of multiple occupancy; vehicles such as buses and coaches, where customers are in and out all day, and even those used by different drivers.

From mini buses, school buses to holiday coaches, every vehicle can be thoroughly decontaminated and back on the road in an hour or less! Great quality service, affordable prices!

So, what is the process these vehicles go through?

* We will ensure the inside is free from debris and dust which increases the efficiency of treatments by as much as 12%.

* Fog the vehicle with our special decontaminant

* Open all the doors to evacuate the fog, then 5 minutes later the vehicle is back and ready for use.

* You will be issued with a hygiene certificate to prove that your vehicle has been professionally sterilised.

Protection against bacteria lasts for up to 10 weeks, but to protect against the likes of Covid 19, the special formula lasts up to 4 weeks. It is for this reason that we highly recommend having an annual contract which enables businesses to schedule regular monthly treatments at a reduced rate.

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